Welcome to the new Jiffy Lube University

Contact Us Update

JLU has recently moved to a single portal for reporting all JLU issues/service requests to more efficiently track and resolve issues. All requests must now be submitted through the Contact Us tab in JLU. 

JLU’s Contact Us tab allows all users to submit requests for commonly needed services; such as Records Transfer. To initiate the request, log-in to JLU, then click the Contact Us tab located in the top right corner of the page 

  • Select/Click the option that best describes the issue you are experiencing. 
  • Complete all fields as requested.
  • Click send
  • The JLU Support Desk will respond with a resolution or request for additional information within 48 hours.









As a reminder, many issues can be resolved by a member of the management team, the organization Multi-Unit Supervisor or Back Office Personnel; such as, resetting passwords or printing certificates. Directions for resolving the issue are posted with the links to the Tutorials.

This new process applies to all users including service center personnel, management team members, multi-unit supervisors, back office support and all JLI Operations and Office Support.


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